Medical Alert BUTTON

At Guardian, we’re always there when seniors need us.


We have solutions to ensure Guardian is always there for you.



IN-HOME Personal Emergency Response Systems

Whether you’re living in a house or apartment, enjoy peace of mind from simple, hands-free, two-way communication with the push of a button. The In-Home PERS offers a lightweight, water-resistant pendant that may be worn as a necklace or watchband. A 24-hour backup battery is provided in the event of a power outage. This system uses your existing home phone line.

Phone: 888-349-2400


IN-HOME Personal Emergency Response System – ESSENCE CELLULAR

For individuals who do not have a home phone line, Guardian offers a home-based cellular system. Utilizing AT&T’s most up-to-date network, this device also offers an extended pendant range. The lightweight, water-resistant pendant may be worn as a necklace or watchband. A 48-hour rechargeable backup battery is provided in the event of a power outage. No landline OR cellphone is required to operate this device.

Phone: 888-349-2400


Caregiver Personal Emergency Response System wITH TWO-way Speaker Pendant

Designed for seniors who want additional peace of mind while outdoors enjoying their property, this extended-range pendant covers up to five acres. The pendant has a microphone and speaker built-in for clear two-way communication and can be easily worn as a pendant, wristband, or belt clip. Get easy access to a family member or caregiver from the preprogrammed caregiver button on the base unit designed for non-emergencies. Must have a home phone line.

Phone: 888-349-2400


Medical Alert Necklace

When worn as a necklace, this pendant automatically senses a fall, so our expert team can send help the instant it’s needed.

Phone: 888-349-2400


Voice Recognition System

Our voice recognition system activates the in-home cellular unit and calls for help by recognizing a simple voice command. Designed to get help from anywhere in your home without pushing a button!

Phone: 888-349-2400


MOBILE Medical Alert

Wherever you go, stay connected to help. With this go-anywhere device, Guardian is here for you, no matter where “here” is.

This device features two-way communication with the Guardian team via AT&T’s cellular network. The operator can identify the user’s location through GPS technology and send appropriate help. The pendant is lightweight, water-resistant, and has up to 96-hour battery life.

Phone: 888-349-2400

Fall Detection Activation is available for an additional fee.



Share the confidence of Guardian’s protection with multiple people, so everyone under one roof is covered.


We keep an eye on the windows and doors to seal in peace of mind — keeping seniors from wandering and loved ones from wondering.


Guardian doesn’t have to see something to protect seniors from it. We’re on guard against unseen and unforeseen dangers like carbon monoxide and fires.