October 25, 2021

How Seniors Can Live Comfortably at Home

For many seniors, living at home provides a sense of comfort that is hard to find anywhere else. While some seniors prefer to live with some degree of support through assisted living, many would rather stay at home. More importantly, many senior communities can only accommodate a certain amount of people, making it hard to find the right place. In fact, even with 115 million housing units in the United States, only 10% are ready to accommodate older populations, according to the U.S Census.

Fortunately, developments in technology and in-home care have enabled seniors to live at home, or what is called “aging-in-place.” Let’s discuss why seniors prefer to live at home, and how they can do so comfortably and safely.

1. Maintaining Independence

A sense of independence for many seniors is essential, as it enables a good quality of life in their golden years. Aging-in-place allows seniors to retain a level of control over their lives, remain in a familiar space, and have access to helpful resources. Those who are accustomed to fulfilling basic needs – such as purchasing food and toiletries – often find comfort in continuing to manage such needs independently. Aging-in-place allows seniors to continue doing the things they like on their own terms, which can increase independence and happiness.

2. Implementing Home Modifications

Since some seniors live in homes with one or more flights of stairs, small hallways, and other limitations to mobility, modifying a home can be a great way for seniors to age-in-place. Modifications such as installing a ramp or adding grab bars to the bathroom shower, help create a safer and more livable environment for seniors. With these modifications, seniors can continue living at home while saving a significant amount of money compared to a senior living community.

3. Having Access to 24/7 Response

A major component of aging-in-place involves enabling seniors to call for help when they need it. Without personal emergency monitoring in place, seniors risk being left alone after they fall or suffer a medical emergency. To connect seniors to assistance, medical alert systems are one of the best solutions. Utilizing help button devices and voice communication, medical alert systems connect seniors directly to the help they need. For instance, Guardian offers various in-home emergency response devices designed to connect seniors immediately to the help they need. These devices offer features such as automatic fall sensors, two-way voice communication with our 24/7 monitoring team which can contact emergency dispatch, GPS location technology, and more. They’re also mobile devices, equipped with a push-button, and designed as pendants seniors can wear as a necklace, bracelet, or attached to their belt. Because of the advancements in medical monitoring and alert features, medical alert systems allow seniors to be as independent as they’ve always been.

Ultimately, maintaining independence becomes a question of safety, finances, and the ability to satisfy basic human needs. Due to how advanced medical monitoring and alert features have become, medical help buttons for seniors can keep them as independent as they have always been. The advanced resources of Guardian Medical Monitoring keep people connected to 24/7 monitoring and emergency response. Here at Guardian, we know how important it is to keep loved ones safe in their golden years.

About Guardian Medical Monitoring

Guardian Medical Monitoring continues to be the industry leader in providing cutting-edge medical monitoring solutions for users and their caregivers. For over 20 years, we’ve helped keep people safe, cared for, and confident by surrounding them with the highest level of expertise. Not only does our team have experience in every facet of care, but they care about keeping families and their loved ones safe.

For more information about our medical alert systems and how to best protect seniors at home, head to our website or give Guardian a call at 1.888.349.2400.


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